For Tour Operators

We are a Turkey based travel agency and actively seeking new business partners throughout the world. If you are a Tour Operator seeking innovative and professional product in Turkey we believe we have the solutions. We represent the interests of our international partners in a seamless and transparent way.

We are specialist at "badged" tours. For example you are a Tour Operator called Lets Go Turkey!. When your clients arrive in Turkey they are greeted by our employee wearing a Lets Go Turkey!. uniform. The vehicle has a Lets Go Turkey!. sign. The Hotel welcomes Lets Go Turkey!. guests. At no point is the name Simply Turkey Travel prominent and when the tour leaders are asked who they work for they answer that they are contracted on behalf of Lets Go Turkey!. Our employees have your brochures to hand, are familiar with your product and work to sell future holidays to other destinations on your behalf. This is what we mean by representing your interests in a seamless and transparent way.

At Simply Turkey we operate a system of Duty Managers with Mobile Phones who are either native English speakers or speak English fluently. This means in the unlikely event of a breakdown, accident or other mishap we are able to act swiftly and efficiently with the least amount of inconvenience to the client 24 hours a day. Of course good planning, at which we are experts, reduces to a minimum the number of things that can happen.

For further information you may simply email our product manager Mr. Tarik Saylan for a fast and informative reponse.