Bonita Springs, Florida
Jun 5, 2008
Six of us spent May 19th and 20th in the Cappadocia region. We felt like special guests at the Cappadocia Palace. The staff took wonderful care of us during our stay Ahmet not only made us feel welcome each time we entered the hotel but was outstanding in making sure all our needs were met with his suggestions and help. We enjoyed the special treat of staying in the cave rooms and enjoyed the very inviting patio.

The tours had been set up for us and the reservations made via e-mail through Tarik Saylan in Istanbul. Tarik and Ahmet made sure that we five former flight attendants and our guest enjoyed every minute of our time in Turkey.

The trip lived up to our expectations in everyway and you can be sure we will recommend Simply Turkey and the Cappadocia Palace to anyone we meet traveling to Turkey.

Dear Tarik,

How exciting for you, your own company!  We have been away in the southern United States listening to FANTASTIC music and also canoeing the mighty muddy Mississippi River.  Good fun and as usual hard work!  So I couldn’t respond to your mail until now.

We are back in Amsterdam for the next six weeks, then perhaps, if all goes as planned, we will return to middle and north east India for 6 weeks....more work.  Then slowly back to Turkey with more work on the way.

We will definitely send people who want to travel to Turkey to your new company.

Good luck

Jillian & Frits


As-salaamu Alaikum, Tarik,

My husband, Ahmed, and I speak often of the wonderful trip we took to Turkey this past October.  The trip was noteworthy in many, many respects and was made so enjoyable because of the assistance you provided, both in travel arrangements and advice in general.  

We are pleased that you have decided to open your own agency and hope the general state of the world economy does not hamper your success. The next time we visit Turkey we might like to spend more time in Istanbul to see more of that beautiful city and to explore another region of the country as well.  For now, though, our photos and the carpets we purchased at Apaslans Yorek must suffice to provoke wonderful memories.  Please remember us to him and his family of employees, all of whom we remember with fondness.

We surely will recommend you and your new travel service to friends who might wish assistance in visiting Turkey.

Thanking you for your every attention to our comfort and pleasure during our visit,


Linda and Ahmed Raiss

P.S. Please do not hesitate to use us as references, should that be of interest to you